500 months (EP)

by Alan Lauris

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'500 months' is a journey through half a liftime (if you're lucky), and consisits of 6 musical tracks with videos.

Part 1, the breakdown, is about all the activities you do in your first 500 months. How many months did you sleep? How many months did you spend cleaning your house? How mony months.....

Parts 2 (tracks 2 to 5) is the timeline. All kinds of events that happened in my life are in it. The third part (track) 6 is a reflection on it all.


released March 20, 2017

Alan Lauris



all rights reserved


Alan Lauris Utrecht


Catching, melodic, sometimes touching, often funny popsongs with jazzy, electronic and classic influences.

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Track Name: 500 months - Breakdown
500 months (4x)

4 months in the shower
2 months of getting dressed
2 months of undressing
and 1 month of sex

3 months of shaving and stuff
1 month of sports
5 months in the toilet
and 34 at work

16 months of watching TV
3 months of reading and 5 of being sick
10 months of washing and cooking and cleaning
166 months of sleep

500 months (4x)

4 months of arranging things
and 1 month of meditating
31 months of eating
and 10 months of waiting

2 months of shopping
and 12 months of travelling
25 of doing stuff
with friends and family

Only 10 months of making music
39 months for study and school
That means that I had only 114 months for fooling around

500 months (4x)
Track Name: 500 months - On My Way
500 months have gone today
500 months have flown away

"Home again
Get home again
Find a way to live again"

500 months and what's in store?
Will there be 500 more?

"Start again
I start again
I must find my heart again"

But on my way, I won't look down
There's beauty all around